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About Us

Muscular Dystrophy Patients Welfare Society is a NGO actively working for fightning with Muscular Dystrophy, which is driven by patients and parents. Our motto is to unite all MD patients from all over the India and fight with it.

Our Objectives

  • Work towards an effective cure for all forms of MD including BMD, DMD, FSHD, all types of LGMDs, etc.
  • Launch a Nationwide Campaign to address MD while facilitating a Central Repository of data of patients PAN-INDIA.
  • Provide Financial assistance including covering/subsidising
  • Proper diagnosis through Genetic Testing via blood samples for UNDIAGNOSED/MISDIAGNOSED cases of Muscular DYSTROPHIES coupled with protein expression tests particularly to detect subtypes of LGMDs.
  • Create a conducive Ecosystem to induce legislation facilitating care and support from government and its agencies.
  • Create an ecosystem to enable drug development locally and also to attract top pharmaceutical companies to conduct their clinical trials in India and/or include Indian patients to be a part of their study abroad post effective/successful human trials.
  • Provide alternative sources of Work From Home employment opportunities for patients and/or their caregivers to empower them to live with dignity (Article 21 of Constitution of India) and to productively contribute to society).
  • Empower the community nationally with positive solutions.